Brigadier Nerolie McDonald

July 2021

Brigadier Nerolie McDonald                                                         

Brigadier McDonald is an Army Intelligence Officer, and during her 21 year career has been employed in a range of tactical, operational, and strategic level analytical intelligence and training roles.

She is a graduate of the Australia Defence Force Academy (1994), the Royal Military College (1995), and the Australian Command and Staff College (2007).

Brigadier McDonald completed her sub-unit Command as the Senior Instructor of the Human Intelligence Wing at the Defence Intelligence Training Centre, Canungra in 2006. She has been posted overseas as an instructor at the United States Army Intelligence Centre, Fort Huachuca, Arizona (2003/4), and as an Advanced Vietnamese Language Student in Hanoi, Vietnam (2012).

She has deployed to East Timor (2001), Iraq (2005), and in 2009 was the Intelligence Officer of the Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force 2 (MRTF-2) in Afghanistan.

Brigadier McDonald has a BA (Honours Economics), and an MA in Strategy and Policy from the UNSW. She was awarded a Chief of Joint Operations Gold Commendation for her analytical efforts while serving as the S2 MRTF-2 in Afghanistan.