Welcome to the Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans
& Associated Forces Inc.

Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans’ Association was formed on ANZAC Day, 1985 as an autonomous, apolitical organization to foster social contact with all who have had any active service, in any service arm or civil capacity, during the period of the Australian involvement in the war in Vietnam.

The membership base now extends from Cooktown to Perth and overseas.

During 1998, the membership of RAAF Vietnam Association decided that they would like to become incorporated within this association and during 2003 the membership of “Skippy Squadron” Association (former Qantas staff members who flew Department of Defence charter flights in and out of Vietnam during the Vietnam war and have been subsequently awarded the Logistic Support medal and the Australian Active Service Medal), decided that they would like to become incorporated within the Association. The Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans and Associated Forces Inc. welcomed these decisions.

Our Philosophy:

Because of the character of this association, it does not involve itself in any possible controversy on Vietnam or in any other matters relative to any military involvement.

This association now places strong emphasis on involvement in members, their families and/or dependent’s welfare/needs in its activities.



Having just taken on the role as web master  I will be trolling through the manuals on how to drive this thing and hope to be adding items of interest and photos soon.  I will be posting and keeping on the site the two (2) latest editions of our news letter “CONTACT”.

This link   Facebook group will take you to our Face book “Group” where you can, if you use Facebook, visit and request to join the group as a member. Once approved to join you can then post articles, photos and other items that you think may be of interest to the group. I have found these groups to be particularly useful in finding old friends, arranging reunions and so on. Please visit and drop us a line. Also, I have created a Facebook Page for the Association, the underlined link will take you to that page. Please visit us there and leave comments or suggestion as to what you would like to see on the site.


Three members of this Association lost their homes in the recent Springwood/Winmalee bushfires. The role of the Association is to provide welfare support to its members as well as serving & ex serving members of all post WW2 conflicts.
The Association has a very close relationship with the Vietnamese Community including the Vietnamese Veteran’s Association & Vietnam Sydney Radio.

The Vietnamese Veteran’s Association under the guidance of Mr Tran Dang Vinh has raised $8000.00 of which $6000.00 is to be donated to the three Association members who lost their homes & $2000.00 to be held in reserve for other members who may have suffered loss.

The recipients of this generous offer by the Vietnamese community are:
Mrs Vicki Barnes – A Legatee whose father was KIA in Vietnam
Mr Kevin Blakelock – Who served with the RAN in Vietnam
Mr Jim McKinnon – Current President of Springwood RSL Sub Branch

Additionally the Vietnamese Community led by Mr Joachim Nguyen & Ms Bao Khanh of Vietnam Sydney Radio has raised $17,000.00, with more to come after a fund raising function, to be presented at a later date to the Blue Mountain City Council Mayor’s Bushfire Fund. Joachim & Bao previously have been instrumental in raising $55,000.00 for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, $47,500.00 for the Brisbane Flood Appeal & this year $17,000.00 for Sydney Legacy; all from within the Vietnamese Community.